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Scotts Bacon

Leslie and June Scott make some great bacon. This is serious country bacon; cured and smoked so that you can actually smell it through the plastic wrapping. That's some serious business.

The bacon that Scott's Hams makes is actually all shelf-safe. Its smoked and cured like they did back in the day and the flavor and care is clear in every bite. This stuff is amazing and would make a great compliment to any breakfast or even used in a lattice-wrap.

It should also be noted that since this is a cured bacon, most, if not all, of the water has been removed. That means when you cook it up there is almost no shrinkage at all. That equals crazy more yummy bacon and the salty/pork flavor is hard to compete with. This should be a staple on anyone's breakfast table.

Scotts Bacon - Country Bacon
$14.99, 2 for $26.98
Scotts Bacon - Pepper Bacon
$14.99, 2 for $26.98