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Pig Pancake Pan

Pig Pancake Pan

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Product Description
Nothing like having your food smiling back up at you! Well, in pancake form anyway. Because we would wonder why our food was still alive and why it was actually smiling. Are they happy to get eaten? Or are they just waiting for us to try to take a bite and then they'll pull out a Samurai sword to slice us in half? But in pancake form, we don't have to worry about any of that. Fluffy golden pancakes that smile at you are the perfect welcome to a great day! We know that Fluffy on our plate, over here, doesn't have a Samurai sword. Someone pass the syrup!

Measures, 10.5"/26.5cm
Pan is nonstick and has a stay cool handle
FDA approved
*Grease and fill pan with pancake batter. When it bubbles, flip pancake, cook backside and enjoy.