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Maple Mallomore Flavored with Bacon - 6pk
Maple Mallomore Flavored with Bacon - 6pk - Click to Enlarge

Maple Mallomore Flavored with Bacon - 6pk

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Product Description
Every kid (and adult) loves s'mores! Who says s'mores are only for summer camping trips and beach bonfires? Not us! S'mores are so delicious, they should be enjoyed year-round. Our Maple Bacon Mallomores allow you to indulge your s'more cravings, whenever you're craving them. We've improved the classic s'more by adding (you guessed it) BACON! And not just any bacon maple bacon. Imagine chunks of bacon embedded in the thick layer of marshmallow floating over a crunchy graham cracker crust, all encased in a thick chocolate coating. Make your own s'more memories in the comfort of your kitchen and without all of the work. No campfire required! This package contains 6 Mallomores.

Six 3oz Mallomores