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"Let's Eat!" Slicey Pig Tray

"Let's Eat!" Slicey Pig Tray

He's offering his body up to you! You must eat!

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Product Description
What's cooler than a big smiling pig, slicing into his gut and offering his body up to you as food? Well, we really could say a lot of things, because this whole image could be considered as slightly disturbing to most... However, the sheer novelty of it is the exact reason that you have to own it. Imagine piling bacon on top of this tray, serving it up to your friends, and watching as they uncover the statement image lying underneath. What will each look on their faces show? Horror? Shock? Complete amusement? You never know until you try! Afterward, you can impress them with your knowledge of the image being based off a famous French poster. Although, we don't recommend using this tray on your vegetarian friends; at least if you don't want to get punched in the face. Enjoy!

11-3/4" (30 cm) in diameter tray